2 October 2017

Ariah Jade

<3    Ariah Jade   <3
 4 weeks 

"Equal parts Princess and Warrior" 

21 August 2016

Weslan Kai

<3  Weslan Kai  <3
7 weeks 

Hold me a little longer 
Rock me a little more 
Tell me another story 
Tell me just one more 
Let me sleep on your shoulder 
Cherish my happy smile 
For I am only a little baby 
For such a little while. 

29 September 2015

Cahill Family

<3    Cahill Family   <3 

~ Home is an anchor, a port in a storm,a refuge, 
a happy place i which to dwell, 
a place where we are loved and where we can love ~ 

It was a wet, windy and wild weather 
But nothing could stop us from making some gorgeous memories of this sweet family! 
Thank you so much for braving the rain, it was worth it for these sweet photos. 

2 February 2015

<3 Samara - Model Portfolio <3 

"Stand strong, belive in yourself, chase after your dreams" 

Samara was the most gorgeous model for this beautiful afternoon photoshoot! 
From Greek Godess to Supermodel, this girl is going places!